Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I hate itunes.

I hate itunes. Instead of developing software with the user in mind – Apple has been unbeatable on this field in the past – itunes seems to be written with a different main goal: protect intellectual property, so that it be difficult for the users to “share” the tunes bought on line. I do not have anything against this goal – but the result is that simple things (like e.g. moving pictures into the iphone, or managing synchronization among multiple machines - home, office and iphone) become more difficult than necessary. Yes, I hate itunes.

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Daniele said...

No Marco, do not hate iTunes! may not be perfect, but it's the best out there, compared to others windows wannabe.

Right now i sync my iPhone with 2 computers: 1 Powerbook where I have all my media collection (eg. music, videos, photo) and 1 HP with crappy Vista where I run Outlook + Exchange for calendar and contacts. It works perfect and with no glitch or question asked, you just need to trig the right options on both system. Pictures are synced on the Mac with iPhoto, but when I connect the iPhone on PC i can browse the folder containing the pictures snapped with the internal camera and drag out files (not drag in).

If there are no problems syncing contacts+calendars and music+photos on 2 different computers, the same things doesn't work for Podcast. I wish I could sync podcast on PC but the syncing option is linked with the iTunes library in that way: assuming I synced music + podcast on MAC, when i am on PC i decide to sync only podcast, iTunes wipe podcast on iPhone (not music) and upload the PC podcast. In that way I can listen to MAC music and watch PC podcast. When i return on MAC iTunes give a warning message where i can chose to not syncing both music and podcast or wipe PC podcast and replace them with MAC podcast. Of course the problem is that i loose syncing information, and going back on PC it doesn't know witch podcast I already watched, etc.

But yes, if you really really want to sync your entire iPhone library with 2 or more PC/MAC you have hack around. There is a sw on Installer for iPhone that allow you to swap internal library so you can sync iPhone music/podcast with 2 machines but they don't merge on the iPhone, you have to switch between the two.

Sorry for the long post :-) but I always try to defend iTunes because after long and intense use, learning all its hidden features, I really enjoy it.